Screen Printing

Plastisol Ink

This ink is the most commonly used in the industry. Plastisol inks sit on top of the fabric, giving the image a superior color saturation, clarity, and durability for years of wear.

Discharge Ink

Discharge ink is a water based product that bleaches the fabric to it’s un-died color. It can also have a pigment added to it to bring color into the print. It has a very smooth feel and is excellent for dark colored shirts.

Waterbased Ink

Water based inks are eco-friendly and water soluble. The ink absorbs into the fibers of the garment making the design soft and breathable. They’re desirable for achieving a high-end look.

Sleeve Printing

We can print in almost any location. Including sleeves.

Neck Tag Printing

We offer neck tag printing and design. Add that custom look to your brand!

Puff Ink

Puff ink is an additive that causes the ink to raise up creating a 3D print.

Foil Printing

Is a reflective mirror like technique applied by printing a coat of adhesive to the garment and then heat sealing the area with a sheet of foil.

Metallic ink

Metallic inks are infused with small particles to create a shimmer look. They are great for creating a foil or glitter imitation.

Pantone Colors

We can match and print any Pantone colors on your custom apparel.

Other Apparel & Services


We do hats! Embroidery, Patches, Leather patches, Screen printing & Raised vinyl.

Shirt Embroidery

We do embroidery on all types of shirts. T-Shirts, Polo's, Work shirts & More.

Totes & Bags

We print bags & totes of all colors, and sizes.

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